The Asiago plateau

Asiago, Gallio, Roana, Enego, Rotzo, Foza and Lusiana Conco: 7 common, unique beauty

The Altopiano dei Sette Comuni, a piece of paradise nestled in the green mountains and the blue of the sky; a land dotted with picturesque places full of history; a place of traditions and simple people and generous; the perfect destination for your dream holiday with plenty of relaxation, sport and fun.

In both winter and summer, the plateau is ready to welcome you with a rich and varied cultural and tourist offer, with initiatives of all kinds, able to involve everyone, from younger to older people.

In the municipalities of Asiago, Gallio, Roana, Enego, Rotzo, Foza and Lusiana Conco things to see and do are many: adventure and immerse yourself in the wonders of our lovely Earth!

Summer panorama of the plateau

The plateau in summer

A vacation in the Woods

Summer on the Asiago plateau is ideal for those who wish to spend an active holiday in touch with nature, but also for those who want to unwind while enjoying the tranquility and calm typical of small mountain villages.

In summer, there are many cultural and sporting events that are organized in various municipalities, for the amusement of all.


Winter panorama of the Asiago plateau

The plateau in winter

All the excitement of snow

The plateau in winter is a treasure trove of emotions: the white snow covers everything, making it feel really atmospheric, ideal for a romantic stay.

But not only! A vacation in winter on the Asiago plateau also means fun on the slopes and on snowshoes, between the beautiful snowy landscapes of the winter season.


Mezzaselva, near Roana


A pretty mountain village, surrounded by history and nature

Mezzeselva, Mitteballe, Cimbrian is one of six districts of the municipality of Roana. Nice little, nestling in the sunny Western side of the plateau of 7 municipalities, near the Val d Assa, is a typical mountain village is quiet and reserved.

Is located 8 Km from the Centre of Asiago and at 10 minutes from the slopes of Campolongo and by descent of Monte Verena.


Shrine of Asiago, Highland history

History, museums and forts

Places of history of the plateau

The Asiago plateau is famous not only for its natural beauty, but also for its history.

Cimbrian war and land of the great war, the plateau is dotted with many places of historic interest, which you can visit during exciting walks and hikes.


Tours and events in the plateau

Love the nature, the secret to enjoying your holiday

Hiking, snowshoeing and more.

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