Mitteballe, deep in the Woods.

Forest of Mezzaselva

Mezzaselva, is one of six districts of the municipality of Roana.

Is a small tourist resort, nestled in the sunny Western side of the plateau of 7 Municipalities in the vicinity of the Val d Assa.

Is located 8 Km from the Centre of Asiago and at 10 minutes from the slopes of Campolongo and by descent of Monte Verena.

The story

Anciently inhabited by people coming from Northern Europe, "Mitteballe" (through the forest)-as it was called-retains as designations of places and traditions of Cimbrian and source terms and expressions of the ancient language in everyday language.

This language, spoken today by old people, it was used up to the time of profugato, during the war.

Curiosity to 360° degrees

Monte Verena there are remnants of the Fort from which he was fired the first cannon shot at dawn on 24 August 1915 which marked Italy's entry into the war.

In Val d Assa has numerous engravings, dating back to prehistoric times, that can be visited only with a guide.

The Bostel of Rotzo is located in the nearby countryside, archaeological site of the first human settlement on the plateau of Asiago.

Aerial view of Mezzaselva

A small mountain village for a great holiday

Immersed in the green of the Woods and pastures

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