Summer on the Asiago plateau

A holiday between nature and fun

Mountain bike tour

Green pastures, blue sky, fresh air and fresh: this is summer on the Asiago plateau.

The ideal season for adventurers and sports lovers, who can enjoy the nature of the plateau with hiking, horseback or mountain bike; but also an ideal time for those who want to spend a relaxing, enjoying the tranquility of these places and rediscovering his physical and mental wellbeing.

Summer activities

In summer, the plateau is impossible to be bored: there are many activities you can do in the open air, in contact with nature, as is wide and varied cultural activities, involving tourists of all ages with fun and interesting events.

If you are a nature lover and like to wander, in summer you can enjoy the many routes that wind throughout the plateau, exploring the natural beauty and history of our land. Many trails are also accessible by horse or by mountain bike, for those looking for an even more thrilling.

In the evening, then, you can stroll through the centers of the 8 municipalities, enjoying the brisk air and ambiance that reigns in these parts.

During the numerous concerts that are organized in the summer season, you can put into the talent of talented musicians who, with their music, will make your stay in a magical and unforgettable experience.

To visit in summer

During your summer excursions you can visit several historical landmarks, such as the forts and the remains of the trenches of the first world war.

On sunny days by the uncertain weather, you can dedicate yourself to visit the different exhibitions or learn more about the history and traditions of our land visiting some Museum.

For lovers of authentic cuisine and healthy, a culinary visit to Highland pastures in summer is a must if you are enjoying a relaxing day in the outdoors, both for taste and unique cheeses and other delicacies that are produced with milk from cows that graze happily on the plateau.

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